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Ashley Winchester Nov 17, 2016

I recently order a copy of Heavenly's fourth album Virus off of amazon. I had the album a long time ago, but I decided to pick it up again.

Anyway, the album came out in a few territories in 2006 and the bulk in 2007. I figured when I bought on amazon I was buying old stock, but no, I was buying a reprint.

This isn't a problem, but it's how I know it's a reprint that's interesting. See, the copyright info still says 2007, but the advert inside from AFM records was advertising albums from 2016! The album was completely sealed so the album HAD to be reprinted this year. It's just weird that the advertisement is what tipped me off to this.

This got me wondering, are there any other weird or funny reprint stories out there?

TerraEpon Nov 17, 2016

Sometimes reprints are CDRs and there's nothing to indicate the fact until one gets it...
Not 'funny' but it's a thing.

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