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Angela Apr 1, 2008

Seems Kojima Productions worked together with Ubisoft to create this little April Fool's presentation.  It's real MGS4 in-game footage with Snake dressed in Altair garb; sort of a spoof on the Middle East outfit that Snake starts off with in the real game. 

Anyway, this is actually a tasty little tidbit for Metal Gear fans.  It's brand new gameplay footage, for one thing - and it's showing off, for the first time, a real-time battle against the Gekkou machines.  The blending of environments-based cutscenes into gameplay looks really seamless, too.

So, answer the question: "Did you like it?"


XLord007 Apr 1, 2008

Angela wrote:

So, answer the question: "Did you like it?"

I liked that it shows how killer MGS4's game engine is.  Other than that, it was kind of creepy and it cheapens the MGS brand to be associated with Assassin's Creed.  At least there were about two seconds of Jade footage, though. ;-)

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