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Ashley Winchester Feb 12, 2016

I'm kind of at an impasse at the moment.

Why can't I hardly stand listening to any of the tracks from the first four HammerFall albums, but almost everything after Chapter V just sounds so viable in comparison?

It's been years since I really listened to those albums but I'm still sick of them. It's not like there's a big leap in quality or change in direction between the eras and anyway you slice it it's all cheesy as hell, so what't the deal?

Ashley Winchester Feb 12, 2016 (edited Feb 12, 2016)

You ever buy a CD and overlooked the fact there isn't an advisory sticker on it?

I bought a promo disc with a song I liked and considering how many times the song uses the f-word this is pretty much useless.

My bad for overlooking that.

vert1 Feb 12, 2016 (edited Feb 12, 2016)

Heh. It's forbidden enough to sell promos that they probably couldn't be bothered. What song btw?

Blasta - The Incredible Adventures Of Kenzolika And Quetzalcoatl Among The Air Castles (CD, Album)
Paragliders - Share Of Bitterness (CD, Maxi)
Time Modem - Transforming Tune (CD, Album)
Various - Torque (CD, Album + CD, Mixed)

Got all these in the mail today. Listening to the Blasta cd and it doesn't sound better than Silkie's dubstep like a Discoger wrote.

Ashley Winchester Feb 16, 2016

I'm sure this is going to qualify as a rant, probably come off as disrespectful, and something I've already said, but f.y.e should just give the **** up already.

With the internet there's no reason anyone with an actual brain should pay those outrageous prices. Those prices make their discount card complete joke (it actually ended up costing me money because I won't buy overpriced goods to justify having/using it) and even with shipping I can get things cheaper anywhere online.

I don't want people to lose their jobs, but the company is a dinosaur that needs to be put down.

vert1 Feb 16, 2016

Keepin the post office alive!

2xSilkie cds (City Limits Volume 1 &2)
1xRobert Hood cd (Minimal Empire)
1xBoris Blenn cd (Stardiver)
1xOliver Lieb cd ('lost in spice')

I'll let you know how I like them later. ()_()

Brandon Feb 18, 2016

vert1 wrote:

Listening to two albums off Hymen Records

I bought an album from them once, but it broke the first time I listened to it.

Ashley Winchester Feb 18, 2016

Brandon wrote:
vert1 wrote:

Listening to two albums off Hymen Records

I bought an album from them once, but it broke the first time I listened to it.


Ashley Winchester Feb 20, 2016

This isn't really an odd one, but have you ever been listing some music you put on the back-burner, and stumble across a few songs that were better than you remembered?

There's a few Stratovarius songs I recently "re"discovered: "S.O.S," "I'm Still Alive" and "I Walk To My Own Song."

"S.O.S" really blindsided me though. I always thought it was a good song but it's easily in my favorites now.

"I Walk To My Own Song" is as cheesy as ever, especially the "I know your name it's called Mr. Mean,
One thing I've learned you don't know beans" line. Wow, that's some quality song writing.

jb Feb 20, 2016

The new Kanye album is really good but suffers greatly from his self-production, self-promotion and well, pretty much self-Kanye.  If there was a really good producer on the album it would be incredible.

Ashley Winchester Feb 27, 2016

Just got the Cheap Cheap Lap of Luxury Japanese remaster. Wow, this was worth the extra dough. Remasters on newer material are usually pointless, but it really, really helps with this older album. The original print was recorded awfully low in the volume department.

I just find it odd that Japan is the only region where this album's been remastered and re-released several times. Maybe the band's popular over there?

jb Mar 24, 2016

You know if you're ever looking to unload that Doom Music album I've been casually looking for it for like 15 years wink wink.

FuryofFrog Mar 24, 2016

Lust for Youth - International … 3GfiWeeZYA

Just picked this up from my local record shop today. They are very Skinny Puppy, Depeche Mode-y and highly enjoyable. big_smile

Applesauce Tears - Alpha Drift … AxFhZGAwtz

If you like super ambient chill stuff then you will probably like these guys. Found 'em on 103.3  Princeton while cruisin' around to my local comic shop. Not a lot of the album is on Youtube but they have a Bandcamp on the ready.

Ashley Winchester Mar 24, 2016

jb wrote:

You know if you're ever looking to unload that Doom Music album I've been casually looking for it for like 15 years wink wink.

Since I have that listed on discogs I unsurprisingly get asked about it quite a bit.

However, the only reason I have that CD is dumb freaking luck.

I'm not a very big fan of First Person Shooters but I love Doom for some reason.

jb May 25, 2016

Long time since update:

Thrice - To Be Everywhere Is to Be Nowhere
Future - EVOL
Purity Ring - Another Eternity
Deftones - Gore
Justin Bieber - Purpose (a little late!)
Saosin - Along the Shadows

Also went to Above & Beyond's Acoustic II in NYC last weekend and it was so good *_*.

Boyblunder May 28, 2016

To be honest, I listen to many things but there is only one band I listen to daily.
This is because they are simply the greatest band in the world with the greatest singer that ever lived.

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