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Rrolack Jun 12, 2018

I managed to buy a sealed copy of Ardy Lightfoot on for 2,000 yen:

According to aucfan (a YJA archive), this album hasn't sold even once on YJA in the last 10 years.  So it must be pretty rare.

I'm now trying to decide whether I should open it.  On one hand, there might be some collector out there who is looking for sealed Nippon Columbia albums, and there can't be many left.  On the other hand, maybe no one cares about this album anyway?  And life is too short to just keep it sealed?

Any opinions / votes?

Rrolack Jun 14, 2018

Well, I do want to hear the album smile.

I bought a sealed copy because it was a steal at 20 bucks. Much cheaper than Princess-Isabela’s $200 copy. I didn’t really think about not opening it until it arrived.

LuxKiller65 Jun 16, 2018

I wouldn't open it. I'd start hunting for a used copy and keep the sealed one, or try finding someone who'd trade something for it, or who would buy it.

It is certain that there aren't many sealed copies left, if at all.

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