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Svenlove2003 Nov 22, 2007

I'll join Ramza on his opinion about 12 000 B.C,but I also understand the other people with negative opinions of this time period.What I really liked in it,was that it wasn't spoken about in the booklet.I always read RPGs booklets,and the CT one was very good for me back then,compared to the cheap booklets we were getting in France.Magus wasn't noted as being a member of the team of heroes,and no clear allusion was made to another time period.So it really was a surprise when I discovered this new time period,very different from the others,and especially as it told the story of Mao/Magus,who was noone else than Janus (even if it wasn't apparently the original idea of the game makers...).I also liked the allusion to mythology,with Janus originally having two faces,but being in CT the hated Magus having a second "true" identity.This was a clever idea,but I can also understand the feeling of some of you who felt it was very different from the other time periods of the game.
Furthermore,despite my love for CC,I have to agree on the point that choosing dimensions instead of time periods quite disappointed me,especialy considering that this lessened the variety of possible events,as GoldfishX explained it.
I think that games which can divide people that much really deserve to be played,cause difference has always raised debates,in every arts.And difference and "innovation" (I hope this word really exists in English) can't be entirely bad.

Ashley Winchester Nov 22, 2007

I'm not a big fan of Chrono Cross' music. I simply don't see what others see in it outside a few tracks (some of the world map themes are nice and 2-16 "Prisoners to Fate" doubles as a killer battle theme) but I don't go around having a field day picking it apart either. I respect it but I don't have to embrace it.

Part of me thinks my disinterest in the game hurts my view of the soundtrack but then I like Xenogears' tunes and could easily go without ever playing through the game again. Still, that's not saying a lot either as there are many games where having the music on hand instead of the game is more than enough.

Bernhardt Nov 22, 2007 (edited Nov 22, 2007)

What I liked about 12000BC, is that at first, it felt like a secret time period; why, it almost felt like you warped to a whole entire 'nother planet...and then, you find that, at that kingdom, they use Lavos as a power source! Why, this place could be where Lavos came from!...until you find out it's actually after the Prehistoric period...although, if Lavos was created in Zeal, he could've travelled back in time to nuke 65mil BC....just a theory, but I doubt you could actually make that pan out.

But that's the thing about Lavos: it has the same thing going for it as the Angels in Neon Genesis Evangelion: we don't know where they came from!

12000BC is also awesome because it's where the entire story comes together, explains the true identities of a number of characters, and how they impacted history.

XLord007 Nov 23, 2007

I loved the 12000 BC section.  That's why Chrono Cross is such a stab in the back to fans of CT.  It takes the best part of CT, the MYSTERY, and shits all over it (don't even get me started on that live action ending nonsense).  CC should have just been Radical Dreamers in 3D and left the CT stuff out and it would have been a fine game.  I think Squenix should release a Wii game called "Kick Masato Kato In The Nuts."  The game should be free to anyone who wants it.  It should come packed with a boot controller, a $50 bill, and a handwritten letter of apology, preferably written with that special quill that Harry Potter has to use in the fifth book.

And no, I'm not bitter.  :-)

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