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Winter's End (I Am Setsuna) Original Soundtrack Collection

"A purely piano JRPG score with a Ghibli-like innocence and sadness." Recommended

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80 minutes total
  1. Voices of Winter [1:17]
  2. Eternal Winter [3:24]
  3. Rounds of the Fates [2:19]
  4. Redemption and Forgiveness [3:22]
  5. Little Dancing Light [2:48]
  6. Of Noble Blood [2:53]
  7. Dark Anomaly [3:18]
  8. Frozen Grief [2:55]
  9. Town by the Sea [3:06]
  10. Song in the Wind [3:15]
  11. Old Hearth [3:08]
  12. Sorrowful Winds [2:44]
  13. Safe Haven [3:19]
  14. The Warmth of Hope [2:02]
  15. What Meets the Eye [2:27]
  16. The Power of Time [3:12]
  17. Frozen Highlands [3:05]
  18. The Forrest of Light [3:05]
  19. Hidden Motives [2:52]
  20. The Last Stretch [3:05]
  21. Once Upon a Time... [3:14]
  22. The Ancient Bloodline [3:09]
  23. Whisper to the Heart [3:17]
  24. Like a Boss! [2:27]
  25. Stories of Old [3:12]
  26. Beyond the Snow (feat. Kotringo) [3:46]
  27. An End to the Journey [3:20]
  • Released Jul 20, 2016 by Creative Intelligence Arts, Inc. (retail 8.99 USD).
  • Partially arranged US edition of the I Am Setsuna soundtrack. The Bandcamp and Steam releases have tracks order alphabetically instead of in album order. A two-disc CD edition running 145 minutes was released in Japan (SQEX-10539~40).
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


A purely piano JRPG score with a Ghibli-like innocence and sadness.


Editor's review by Adam Corn (2017-03-03)

If Studio Ghibli were to release a new film, and that film were to have a piano collection album, that album might very well sound like I Am Setsuna. Tomoki Miyoshi's score for Square Enix's SNES era'esque JRPG has exactly the mix of heartfelt innocence and lingering sadness so often found in Ghibli films and their soundtracks. The score is almost entirely performed by piano (at least in this partially arranged US edition), and like many game and anime piano collections it eschews complex arrangements and virtuoso performances, instead letting a plethora of very pretty melodies take the forefront. It's not an album I'll listen to as frequently as many favorites, but as the soundtrack to a quiet evening I can't think of anything better.

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