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Adam Corn Mar 8, 2017

Spotify's got a big Women of [name your genre] promotion going on for International Women's Day, and one of them is Women of Soundtracks. It's a got a few familiar composers on there (Rachel Portman and Lisa Gerrard for starters) but lots of composers and soundtracks I've never heard, and a lot of it is quite nice. I'm finding it a good chance to branch out from the usual soundtrack material, maybe some of you will as well. … t8e8sOPAvL

I've added several favorites already to the end of my own (woefully incomplete) film music playlist, so feel free to check that out. (I also highly recommend the film music collections by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra at the beginning!) … gmLLGWHzKT

Any favorite female film music composers while we're on the topic?

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