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Sami Mar 19, 2011

In the topic for Radiant Historia, the discussion shifted to whether the PSP has a notable RPG selection. In my view, the discussion with games mentioned like FF Dissidia and Ys ports was inconclusive: I still don't know much more about PSP RPGs than I did before. But I am actually interested in this, am I just missing some good games?

To explain where I'm coming from: I mostly hate ports of games that I've had the chance to play already. So while the PSP has ports like FF Tactics, Breath of Fire III and Persona 3, I've had a chance to play those on the PS1 and PS2 respectively! Even a lauded recent game, Tactics Ogre, is a remake, but at least it's not a straight port, and is a remake of an older, more obscure game.

I don't really like third person action games that purport to be RPGs. I either like em traditional (like Golden Sun: Dark Dawn) or very quirky (Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes). So, with these points in mind, am I missing a bunch of good PSP RPGs? I have tried to educate myself on the topic, but the results are always the same: ports and action titles.

Zealboy Mar 19, 2011

While not incredible, the 10 or so hours I put into Brave Story: New Traveler was pretty good.  I only stopped playing because I got distracted by other games.  It's a pretty traditional turn-based RPG.  Check out some info on it.

FuryofFrog Mar 19, 2011

Well honestly I find that the ports are really the most worthwhile RPG's on the system. If you were looking for games that were straight up PSP stuff here is a few.

-Knights in Nightmare
-Crimson Gem Sags
-Mimana Iyar Chronicles

Those ones I have personally played, and they are all pretty good. Everything else really does end up being ports or something. Then again I don't think I mind the ports so much. Especially with the way that they are handled like Persona or the new Legend of Heroes coming out.

Sami Mar 19, 2011 (edited Mar 19, 2011)

FuryofFrog wrote:

-Knights in Nightmare
-Crimson Gem Sags
-Mimana Iyar Chronicles

Knights in the Nightmare I played on the DS, really didn't like it (yeah, I don't like everything quirky). Crimson Gem Saga was alright, but way too repetitive and grindy. The last one I haven't heard of. Also didn't know about Brave Story.

Oh, but for myself, I must mention Half-Minute Hero. Yes, it's quite actiony in parts, but it's also the PSP's best RPG to me, possibly the best PSP game altogether, period. Looking forward to the sequel.

avatar! Mar 19, 2011

I feel that the ports are quite a different experience than the original. The port of FFT for example is MUCH better than the original in terms of story and it has those beautiful cinematics which were lacking in the PSX version. That said, the gameplay is mostly the same, with slight improvements. However, I would say it's still a fantastic game and worth getting if you enjoyed the PSX version.

However, the port of Ys is an entirely different matter. First, the port of Ys I and II is the best version of the series. Beautiful graphics and sound (better than the TurboDuo or DS versions), and it plays great on the PSP. Still, it is not much different than the DS version overall. Ys III, although still a port, was never released in the US (I'm talking about Oath here, not Wanderers). So unless you play JP PC games, this is your only way to play it (and it's supposed to be great, I've yet to play it myself). Ys Seven is not a port. It's a PSP exclusive.

I personally think those are all great games to play, although it's a matter of taste of course. In terms of other exclusive PSP games that are older and you likely played, let me list:

Jeanne D'Arc
Valkyria 2
Lunar (updated port)
Dunegeon Siege Throne

I'm sure there are more...

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