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Ashley Winchester Sep 21, 2016

I'm looking for a copy of the Castlevania: Limited Edition Music Sampler Composed by Michiru Yamane (KOE-CDS-52118) which is the European version of the Lament of Innocence Limited Edition Sampler which is housed in a slimline case.

I try and avoid slipcase albums when I can, so I don't want the American version, and while I own the full Lament of Innocence soundtrack, it's so damn bloated I honestly can't stand it. This sampler has most of the tracks I want and I actually like how the tracks are edited to play through once.

I have the following album for sale/trade ( … 210#p84494) but please read note, but will buy the album if the seller has no interest in these.

There is one for sale on VGMDB but I haven't heard back from the seller.

Anyway, e-mail me through the forums or at theaterofsalvation[at]hotmail[dot]com if your interested in selling.

LuxKiller65 Sep 24, 2016

Good luck, took me a long time to find one. Check South European countries because that's where it seems to have been handed out at events/business people.

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