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Ashley Winchester Mar 7, 2016

I'm interested in buying a copy of the Final Fantasy IV Original Soundtrack Remaster w/OBI, but I'm worried about buying it new because of the small error that was discovered on disc two when the album was released.

I'm not sure if store fronts have cycled through the original copies; is there a way to tell?

I know SE offered an exchange at one point but that's probably long and gone.

Would you suggest buying this one second hand as a way to double check what I'm getting?

student41269 Mar 7, 2016

If you were to buy this new from say CD Japan, the chances of you getting a copy with the error are very slim. It's been long enough since the correction that all new copies in stock should be good.

If you are interested in getting the first press with the outer slipcase (very nice, btw) it might be a bit more of a hunt, but corrected versions of this also exist.

Ashley Winchester Mar 7, 2016

Oh, okay thanks for the info. Yeah, I want to nab the OSTs for Final Fantasy IV, V, and Vi again so I was curious about this since it was a pretty big topic when the remaster came out. Still, like you said, it's been a while so I was probably worried about nothing.

That said, I'm not overly concerned with getting first presses or anything.

jazzpaladin Mar 7, 2016

The world can never have enough FFIV remakes and remasters in the classic style (i.e, not the crappy I-phone versions) IMHO.

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