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layzee Jan 14, 2018

jb wrote:

You don't need to live in Japan to buy digital content from Amazon. Just add Yen to your account and put in a Japanese address (just lookup some business in Tokyo). … stcount=22

Can I ask when was the last time you tried that method? I followed the instructions and did my best to wipe my account of anything foreign (e.g. address, credit card etc), and I have a positive gift card balance and I tried both valid private and public Japanese addresses (e.g. University of Tokyo). However, every time I proceed with checkout, this message appears:

"We were unable to process your purchase with your current payment information. Please enter a valid payment method and an address which are both local."

According to more recent (2017) forum threads, this method/loophole USED to work but Amazon probably set up region/geo-blocking at one point so while the method is still valid, there is now an additional step: using a VPN to mask yourself and appear from another country (e.g. Japan).

jb Jan 15, 2018

I've never used this method because I don't buy digital music but if it's a region block by ISP then it seems far easier than it was before. Now all you have to do is ask someone in the region to login to your account to buy it instead of sending them money to buy it for you.

XISMZERO Jan 19, 2018

I tried all this once to buy the Cosmic Wars Soundtrack from EGG Music and could not get it to work.

I buy from Amazon Japan directly all the time so I don't entirely understand why digital purchases are denied but physical items and CDs are not. This is exactly why digital content is still flawed -- why let consumers buy as many CDs and DVDs as they want but deny instant/digital purchases?

Amazon Japan has changed/locked down international buying in the last couple years from marketplace sellers who sell through Amazon Warehouse. Used to be almost anything with the "Fulfilled" stamp would ship from Amazon's Warehouse to anywhere in the world. Since around mid-2016. it would appear that's no longer the case. I snagged some nice deals on items that would practically arrive in a few days without having to go through a middleman.

layzee Jan 20, 2018


Amazon Japan has changed/locked down international buying in the last couple years

I think the lockdown was worldwide (e.g. I couldn't buy anything from the US Amazon either).

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