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XISMZERO Mar 15, 2017 (edited Mar 15, 2017)

A few hot topics on the Japan auction circuit...

Nintendo soundtracks, but specifically Mario Galaxy, Kirby and Mario Kart 8 are the most popular Nintendo properties week in, week out. Oh, and something called Donkey Kong seems to suck money right in as well though nothing reaching $800 to a grand this week.

A Pony Canyon Star Fox 64 OST has some bids. Obi looks worn and it still gathers 15,500 yen.

A rare auction for a complete, banged-up Contra Spirits album has reached 8.000 yen.

The same filthy seller whose been unloading bootleg Zelda Hyrule Symphony albums continues to seemingly rope in sales. … q149144800

Odd thing I've noticed about this seller is that there's at least 1 bid on all of his auctions. Not sure if this is troll or shill bidding but something seems odd here.

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