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avatar! Aug 15, 2015 (edited Aug 15, 2015)

I'll start!

The Right Stuff

Star Wars (especially this little ditty)

Once Upon a Time in the West

So, I didn't include Excalibur and 2001 because those are classical music (Wagner, Orf, and Strauss) and not technically a movie soundtrack. By the way, The Right Stuff beat out Return of the Jedi in the Academy Awards for best soundtrack, and I agree! Of course I love Star Wars, but The Right Stuff is one of the best themes ever (besides, Star Wars had won years earlier)...

Ashley Winchester Aug 15, 2015

TMNT & TMNT2: The Secret of the Ooze

- Insanely cheesy techno from that period when the 90's didn't know what it was going to be before grunge hit.

Twister (1995?)

- I wish the music was set up better on this disc. If it isn't in the movie I really don't hear it guys.

student41269 Aug 18, 2015

The Terminator
Ahh the days when a soundtrack dared to have a main theme in 13. Besides the fairly well-known title theme there is some incredible synth work throughout here, almost certainly an influence on Silent Hill along with...

Jacob's Ladder
Purest grief and foreboding.

The Dead Zone
One of the best Stephen King adaptations, elevated further by two things: a young Christopher Walken, and this early Michael Kamen score. The Vagrant Story staff roll always reminds me of this.

Cinema Paradiso
Choosing a favourite by Morricone is a serious task, but this is mine at the moment.

In my view, Kenji Kawai's masterpiece. And Mamoru Oshii's, for that matter.

FuryofFrog Aug 21, 2015 (edited Aug 21, 2015)

Blade Runner by Vangelis … 3E&index=5

Old school analog synths and hardboiled jazz makes this one of the coolest soundtracks I've ever listened to. Unfortunately the soundtrack has a spotty release history as Vangelis has never released an entire score without the dialog infused into some of the tracks. Fortunately a few years ago there was a project with Edgar Rothemich to redo the entire soundtrack from scratch that had pretty desirable results.

Conan the Destroyer by Basil Pouldaris … BFF4F2A285

Heavy brass and sweeping orchestral score make this a classic. Also a good example of the template everyone tries to follow when making a sword and sorcery film (or perhaps I wish they would follow a bit more). The score feels appropriately epic and really delivers on the scenes its placed in, yes even if the movie is an inferior sequel.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by John Du Prez … CC8D7367A1

I love this soundtrack so much. It's a damn shame that the actual score hasn't been released for this gem. It's synthy, cheesy fun with some intense portions, my favorite being the Shredder's Suite. Maybe I like this one for nostalgia's sake but I still think this thing holds up today.

Batman Returns by Danny Elfman … 08&index=6

It's a Danny Elfman soundtrack, I kinda debated between this one and Beetlejuice but this won in the end. I love his dark and woodwindy vibe, with ample bassoons and oboes serenading us and a bombastic brass section. Also he teamed up with Siouxsie and the Banshees for one track. Makes me wish he became a member of the band.

Hellraiser by Christopher Young … 18F6672586

Moody strings and ambient sounds makes this one a keeper. I think a horror movie is only as good as the soundtrack as half the time, the music is what builds the suspense.

Ghost in the Shell by Kenji Kawai

Speaking of another gem from Kawai is GITS. This whole soundtrack has a despondent kind of hopelessness that is kind of pandered to by Kawai's sensual guitar playing and chorale work.

Inferno by Tangerine Dream

I was kind of taken off guard by this one. I love Tangerine Dream and when I heard they made an alternative soundtrack to the classic silent film Inferno I kind of lost my shit. Pretty awesome soundtrack, listen to with movie for full effect.

Ashley Winchester Aug 21, 2015

FuryofFrog wrote:

my favorite being the Shredder's Suite. Maybe I like this one for nostalgia's sake but I still think this thing holds up today.

Dude, (expletive) love Shredder's Suite.

Idolores Jan 19, 2016

Transformers the Movie (the 1986 one). Dat Unicron theme. Dat cheesy 80's synth. Dat power rock. I'm all about the completely earnest cheese factor at work here.

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