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Angela Sep 2, 2010

The summer movie blockbusters begin to trickle into their home releases.  Prince of Persia, Robin Hood, and Iron Man 2; of the three, I'd be most inclined to pick up Prince of Persia first.  I've yet to see Hood, so a rental there is in order, and I'd be more than willing to give Iron Man 2 another shot, in spite of my disappointing first viewing.

Games, likely only Professor Layton and the Unwound Future.  Layton, like Phoenix Wright, feels like one of those series where you never would have imagined we'd ever get beyond the first title from Japan.  And yet, here we are on the third; if nothing else, I'll pick it up on principle just to continue supporting the series.  I've not touched a Kingdom Hearts game since Kingdom Hearts 2, and I don't think I even got halfway through that one.  Does the upcoming Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep require the knowledge of past games, or can one just leap right into it?

Music-wise, I'm looking forward to FALCOM vs. JDK BAND 2010 SUMMER, especially for the Ys Seven arrangements.  And it looks like we're finally getting Symphonic Fantasies; aside from the cover, the musical contents should be exactly the same between Japanese and European releases, yeah?

Boco Sep 2, 2010

Final Fantasy XIV

And that's about it for me. I've already got it pre-ordered and it's going to pretty much drain what little time and money I have left. That's ok though as it's going to be tons of fun and I could really use some fun right about now.

Herrkotowski Sep 2, 2010 (edited Sep 3, 2010)

Nothing being purchased, but I am getting a copy of Symphonic Fantasies in the mail courtesy of Thomas Boecker. Japan is a month away and money = being saved.

OK, I lied. Etrian Odyssey 3 too. I need that game.

EDIT: Seems like Thomas is also sending me Benyamin Nuss Plays Uematsu as well.

Amazingu Sep 2, 2010

Angela wrote:

Does the upcoming Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep require the knowledge of past games, or can one just leap right into it?

It's a prequel to the PS2 games in general, but KH2 in particular.
Some of the more complicated events in BbS will not have much meaning to you if you're not familiar with the story, although the basic storyline is perfectly understandable on its own.

Dragon God Sep 2, 2010

No games, music or movies. (I've stopped buying these since a few months, and will keep it up)

But a couple more spiders, oh yes !

Mexican Red Knee (Brachypelma smithi)

The classic pet tarantula, docile as it gets.

Brazilian Red & White (Nhandu chromatus)

One of the newer, colorful species. Has a fairly nasty disposition, but is one of the best eaters.

That'll be it for now, as my spider count is at 5. That's what I've been aiming for since I started the hobby.

Pictures will be available upon receival of specimens. Crossing fingers both end up being females so I'll have their company for years !

SonicPanda Sep 2, 2010

Gamewise, I've got Etrian Odyssey 3 preordered (artbook!) and found a website willing to ship the European Special Edition of Birth by Sleep to the US ($10 more and a week's delivery time, but...artbook!).
I'm on the fence about whether to support Front Mission Evolved; on the one hand, it's about as close to the FM game I actually want (FM5) as left is to right, but I fear that if it flops, Front Mission will die out in the West entirely. We'll see.

I'm sorta-kinda interested in Art of Capcom 2, but if it's as heavily-weighted toward Street Fighter as the previous book, it can move to the back burner.

I just found out about this yesterday and wouldn't mind seeing if it's as interesting as it was when I was 10. Apparently the company has announced that they're going to be putting much more of their back catalog on DVD, so maybe we'll have Dexter's Lab and 2 Stupid Dogs to look forward to.

Angela Sep 4, 2010

rein wrote:

Art of Capcom 2 not a day-one purchase for you, Angela?

I'm thoroughly ashamed I forgot that one.  But yes, it's been on preorder since you first mentioned its existence back in May.

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