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Cain Highwind Oct 23, 2007 (edited Oct 23, 2007)

I haven't seen a lot of the media on this game, mostly to avoid possible spoilers and just "surprises" in general. But I haven't been able to track down who's doing the music. What REALLY piqued my interest was the fact that a very early gameplay vid, one of the first released, used music directly taken from One Piece (suitable also a lighthearted tale of pirates), "Explosion! Sonic Wave" which I believe was done by Shiro Hamaguchi. So now with the game on the verge of release, I was wondering if there were any reports on the soundtrack and whodunit.

I would buy the game today, but I've been saving up for a new PC for the past several months, attempting to fast from buying games, and now I'm broke with my PC finally bougfht, a good couple of weeks and I'll be able to be a gaming spendthrift again.

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