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XISMZERO Jan 27, 2017

This is by no means a braggart post.

I recently bought a highly sought after, VGM community mainstay. Ever since I got into VGM collecting in 2004, I never thought I'd ever throw down for this one until this opportunity came about. The main reasons I bought it was that it is A-grade complete, and, well, an offer like this has not come across my view in many years aside from Zelda Link to the Past being, like so many, one of my most cherished gaming experiences as a kid into adulthood.

According to VGMdb, roughly 75 others have this album. I'm curious to know what did you pay? Would you ever sell yours? What was the going rate then? Like other albums that were once considered popular franchise, high dollar mainstays (Dracula New Classic, for instance), a deal will come along. As for my copy of New Classic, I got a sweet deal on YJA but middleman fees and an unfavorable exchange rate from Yen to USD was ugly back in 2007.

The_Paladin Jan 27, 2017

I actually think Sound & Drama has gotten a bit cheaper to buy, though I didn't think that cheap.  I had two copies and sold one in 2015 and felt the person got a good deal on ebay snagging it for $172.  My problem with using the YJA middlemen now is that for record purposes I don't remember what I ended up paying on albums, though now I am more conscious of that.

Rrolack Jan 27, 2017

That price sounds about right.  If I were bidding on a nice complete copy, I'd probably bid 20,000 yen.

TerraEpon Jan 28, 2017

I wouldn't even begin to believe that all 75 own the CD. Lots of people on VGMDB use the database for cataloging their pirated music.

The_Paladin Jan 30, 2017

That or they rip it and sell it.  That list doesn't mean much to me really.  Though, I've often though about asking for suggestions on albums to look for, but since I don't maintain one there it's harder to ask for that... I don't think pasting a spreadsheet on the forum would look too nice.

XISMZERO Jan 31, 2017

TerraEpon wrote:

Lots of people on VGMDB use the database for cataloging their pirated music.

We all know on this forum, VGMdb and by large, who collects. VGMdb is a massive resource, I for one, am very thankful for but there's sadly no way to verify a physical collection beyond taking shots of your shelf and knowing the longstanding and or serious members in the community.

Crash Jan 31, 2017

It's been a while since I got it...probably around 10-15 years or so. Looking through my old e-mails, I was looking for it in 2002, and definitely had it by 2005. My target price at the time was $85-90 for a copy, but I wasn't specific about having all of the components. I'm pretty sure I paid less than $120 when all was said and done.

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