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Carl Oct 2, 2008

Woah, didn't see that one coming!
I was just looking at their site a few days ago and didn't see anything new, so this must have really been a last-minute announcement.

The "Taito Stage Program" shows 4 time slots for Zuntata (an hour each), 2 on the 11th and 2 on the 12th, so I wonder if they'll play different songs for each slot??

Revoc Oct 2, 2008

Carl, but the Zuntata (the band) had not split up? I have never understand what happened with the band...

Adam Corn Oct 7, 2008

So is anybody going to TGS?  I will be there Thursday for sure (possible Saturday as well) so if anyone is keen to hang for a bit mail me up!

Carl Oct 8, 2008

I really did want to make a trip...  With all the cool stuff happening that weekend....

But since I've barely made a dent in the LAST trip's credit bills, I figured it wouldn't be too prudent to toss another couple of grand on top of the fire.  (-__-);

xanadujin Oct 9, 2008 (edited Oct 9, 2008)

Whoa, bonus.  Unfortunately the only Zuntata music I'm really familiar with is Ninja Warriors. @_@  I'll still try to go to all the showings.

I'll be at the TGS, both Saturday and Sunday.  If anyone wants to meet up, hit me up on my keitai:

- Justin Pfeiffer

Chris Oct 9, 2008

Anyone willing to write up a brief or detailed report on this at SEMO? It'd be really awesome to cover this revival and any help would be really appreciated.

Cedille Oct 9, 2008

Anyone willing to go Sunday and attend the talk session of Naruke and Sakimoto as well?

xanadujin Oct 10, 2008

Cedille wrote:

Anyone willing to go Sunday and attend the talk session of Naruke and Sakimoto as well?

I'll be there on Sunday.  When and where will this be held?  Any additional info?

- Justin

xanadujin Oct 10, 2008

I tracked down some information about the talk with Sakimoto and Naruke at TGS 2008.  It's regarding their collaboration on the soundtrack to the DS game RIZ-ZOAWD by MediaVision.  The talk starts at 2:15 on Saturday, but you need a ticket to attend the event.  Better check the booths/ticket venders ASAP!  I hope to arrive around 1:00PM at the earliest so I'll have pray I get one! O_O

BTW, there's an official homepage for RIZ-ZOAWD and it has quite a bit of VGM!  Check all the contents to hear them.  It all sounds very Sakimoto-ish.

- Justin Pfeiffer

Cedille Oct 10, 2008

xanadujin wrote:

The talk starts at 2:15 on Saturday

Damn it. I hope the media will provide some reports.

Carl Oct 13, 2008 (edited Oct 13, 2008)

Yeah it seems to be a rebirth, do they say the member names at the beginning?
One of the guys kinda looks like Tomohito...

First vid: 20th Anniversary medley, great classics
Second vid: only the Densha de Go! Theme song

3rd vid: performing Space Invaders Extreme

CHz Oct 13, 2008

Carl wrote:

do they say the member names at the beginning?

Yeah. On the vocoder is Hirokazu Koshio. Kind of sounds like he says Kou Nakamura for the guitarist, but that's not anyone in Zuntata I know, past or present. No idea for the bassist. The guy on the keytar doing the introductions kind of looks like Katsuhisa Ishikawa, I think.

CHz Oct 14, 2008

Zuntata just put up a page about the performance, with a bunch of pictures, names of the performers, and the setlist.

Zuntata live performance members:
Hirokazu Koshio (COSIO): keyboard & sampling percussion & vocoder
Katsuhisa Ishikawa (BABI): keyboard & vocal
Kaoru Nakamura: guitar
Shohei Tsuchiya: bass

Not 100% sure on the names of the last two, but given the pronunciations in the video, I think they're right.



2). ZUNTATA 20th Anniversary Medley
URBAN TRAIL (Night Striker) ~ G (Rayforce) ~ FAKE (Darius Gaiden)
~ Burning Storm (Psychic Force) ~ DADDY MULK (Ninja Warriors)

3). Densha de Densha de GO!GO!GO!

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