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Yuvraj Jan 29, 2012 (edited Mar 4, 2012)

I've got a couple of CD's I'd like to sell:

(Excellent condition)

Final Fantasy XII OST  --$30--
(Excellent condition)

Final Fantasy XII OST Limited Edition  --$30--
(Decent overall but the outer box has some dents and scratches)

FINAL FANTASY XIII Limited Edition OST sans the actual OST   --$30--
(Outer box, visual book and sealed in plastic drama disc only. For those of you who do not need the OST or may have the regular OST and want to put in in this box...)

Genso Suikoden Celtic Collection 3  --$20--
(Excellent condition)

Ys -The Oath in Felghana- Perfect Collection [Limited Edition]  --$20--
(Everything is mint except for disc 2 of the OST; it has scratches that affect play)

I'm accepting trades as well. See my wish list at vgmdb: … serid=2335

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