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Ashley Winchester Feb 2, 2017

Okay, everyone in the twenties and thirties has to remember Dymo Embossing tape; those punchy label makers that didn't work half the time. However, recently I was thinking of buying some more tape. Yes, I still have one of these things (I don't upgrade things) and I do use it. However, I think there are some surprising things about this once proud office staple people don't realize.

The only colors of tape I currently have are red and green. I wanted some more colors (blue and black are common) but yellow and orange have pretty much fallen off the face of the earth. I could only find this one posting on ebay: … Swo4pYFTzK

I would love to buy some, but man, I don't need FIVE packages of it! $32 plus shipping for Embossing Tape? I can see that being a good deal for an office that refuses to give up on old tech but I think I'll just grab some blue and black to go with my red and green.

I'd honestly like to get some yellow and orange, but I think I'm going to have to pass.

XISMZERO Feb 3, 2017

My dad used to have one of the chrome/metal ones. Yeah, I used to love these. Come to think of it, I never see DYMO makers in any in antique or thrift stores. Can't you just use the 3rd party tape or is it that bad?

Jay Feb 3, 2017

This truly IS random. But I love it. I love that stuff and I don't even know why. Probably an association with my childhood. That orange tape was ALL over my house.

And now I feel the need to get some.

Ashley Winchester Feb 3, 2017 (edited Feb 4, 2017)


Can't you just use the 3rd party tape or is it that bad?

To be honest from when I was searching around it does seem like these have been left behind. For example, Wal Mart only sells the tape on their website and I think third parties have given up on these.

However, I say this but there's a part of me that feels these devices still may be big in developing countries due to the simplicity.

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