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Arcubalis May 2, 2008

Yeah, pretty interesting topic.  M4G has this "series" it's running right now where it's a standard list of questions aimed to get at the creative side of composers, like what they're working with in their studio.

Yamaoka provided a picture of this crazy light switch he installed in his house that is made from music hardware parts, which is pretty bizarre.  Other than that, there are some interesting things said here:

Daniel K May 3, 2008 (edited May 3, 2008)

Hat's off to a good interview! Not much filler in this one, and both the questions and the answers were great. By the time I got to the end, I really wished there was more to read (it was a little on the short side)! I really like this idea of trying "to get at the creative side of composers", and am looking forward to more like this.

Two minor complaints:

1) Homecoming is not the first game in the series to be developed outside of Japan, Origins was also.
2) There should have been a question about the upcoming Homecoming soundtrack. Rule of thumb: Always include question about upcoming/next project when interviewing a composer!

Other than that, great work!


Arcubalis May 3, 2008

Yeah, I understand your point.  We will talk to him later on about that stuff, but this "In the Studio" series doesn't really focus on those things.  It focuses on workflow and tools, and is a standard list of questions we send out to everyone who participates in the series.  We touched over what we thought was Silent Hill 5 back in the E For All interview in October, and it's pretty certain there will be a soundtrack release.

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