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Adam Corn Apr 5, 2015 (edited Apr 11, 2015)

Game Symphony Japan's 14th concert has been announced to be exclusively dedicated to the music of Sega. The performance will be held in Tokyo on October 10, 2015, with tickets going on sale in mid-June. The program as listed on the official concert page is "TBA … All SEGA Programme!!"

I might even be as excited about this as I am their upcoming Final Fantasy VI concert. I've been hoping for a Sega orchestral concert for several years now, and seeing it come from the Uematsu-led Game Symphony Japan is an unexpected but still very welcome surprise.

Any thoughts on what Sega series and titles you'd most like to hear orchestrated? I've always thought Nights music would be brilliant orchestral - the Nights: Journey of Dreams soundtrack in particular has some baroque elements that could make the transition beautifully.

Next on my list would certainly be Panzer Dragoon. The Saturn-synth Panzer Dragoon Zwei soundtrack especially could benefit from live orchestration (though it would take some smart arranging to do it justice). The original Panzer Dragoon's orchestral opening and ending are so beautiful I'd pay good money to hear either performed live as-is, and Azel: Panzer Dragoon Saga/RPG has so much great material I wouldn't even know where to start.

Add studio staples like Sonic and Phantasy Star, as well as any number of less renowned but equally nostalgic classics, and the potential is there for a fantastic concert.

jayavictory Apr 16, 2015

Of the ones you missed: Thunder Force IV and Battle Garegga which appeared on Sega consoles would be great to hear. From the Sega CD, Ecco -Songs of time and Lunar - Eternal Blue. Then, the Dreamcast has.. one of my favorite soundtracks ever, the under appreciated Napple Tale Vols 1&2 [but especially Vol.1]  Contains much of Kanno's best work IMO.  And, another big title from the Dreamcast- Shenmue.

Namorbia Apr 25, 2015

This sounds like a great opportunity for me to learn more about Sega music. I'll just wait for the setlist and dig into those soundtracks. I will most likely be at the concert and am looking forward to it. It's a breath of fresh air in the game music concert scene.

(Also excited about Game Symphony Japan's two planned concerts abroad. No info yet on those.)

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