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SquareTex Dec 6, 2010

Howdy folks! Been a while since I've posted here, but rest assured I've returned to lurk from time to time. smile

Having recently gotten (back) onto Facebook, I began posting weekly VGM selections from YouTube to show people my interests. This week, I decided to take the listeners to Silent Hill, the second game in particular. Not wanting to SCARE them, I decided that "Alone in the Town" would fit the bill quite nicely.

Now, if you've heard the soundtrack version - from which the YouTube rips were taken - you know that as a part of Akira Yamaoka's continual soundscape, "Heaven's Night" flows right into "Alone...", and "Alone..." itself ends rather abruptly at "The Darkness That Lurks in our Mind". So this groove fades in, we're getting into it, and then BANG...we're back in scaryland. wink

So instead of leeching off an existing post of the tune, I decided to contribute.

Y'see, several years back, I made a kind of compilation CD of music from the first three games. Naturally, "Alone..." was going to end up on it. Faced with the style of the existing track, I decided I would bring the tune into Goldwave, give it a proper intro, and make it two loops. Turned out great.

But I never shared that version with anyone else...until today. smile

Enjoy! big_smile

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