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Schala Jan 25, 2011

So now that I'm finally going back through all my CDs, I'm finding some things I've mentioned on my site for which I can't remember what my source was. I talked about a so-called "Triple Platinum Anniversary" version of the FF7 Reunion Tracks that has the Triple Platinum Anniversary logo on the obi. But all of the ones I have DO have that logo. Does anyone have a copy in which the obi DOESN'T include the logo? It should be a small bluish-purple square near the bottom above the Squaresoft name. Also, it has to be the original, with catalog number SSCX-10012 (I already know that the Square Enix re-release doesn't have the logo). Thanks!

Angela Jan 25, 2011

Pellasos wrote:

my SSCX-10012 copy, bought in 1998 has that logo.

Same here.

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