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lordskylark Jul 16, 2021

I know it's probably not usual to make requests like this, but hopefully this may be an exception since I am working directly with Douglas Wood, the original designer of Star Command, and we have legal rights to the music. I am helping him compile material related to his games (Phantasie, etc.) for an archival project which may involve making sequel to his game(s). I have searched everywhere in the USA and Japan and cannot find this CD anywhere (not even download or scans). We're also wanting someone with the physical CD so that we can get a scan of the linear notes to have them translated into English. Can anyone help with this? I don't expect volunteers, so I'm willing to pay for any time involved in scanning, and I can provide any necessary information showing that we have the rights.

Thank you,

Gill Aug 14, 2021

Hi Andrew did you manage to get this soundtrack?

Old and obscure soundtracks such as this is going to be hard to find at best of times.

You could try contacting people who have the soundtrack in their personal collection over on vgmdb:

You may get a response.

Other than that only thing I can recommend is to keep on searching on Yahoo Japan and Ebay etc, you may get lucky.

Cant find any rips either, could try YouTube. Couple of tracks online, not sure if they are directly ripped from soundtrack or game. Contact them, again you may get lucky. … inryakusha

Good luck on your search.

lordskylark Dec 15, 2021

Thank you for the suggestion. I actually tried vgmdb myself and was able to get a response and get what I needed. Since we were able to get all the rights secured (thankfully before Sugiyama passed), we are able to get the music re-released now.

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