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Bernhardt Feb 9, 2008 (edited Feb 9, 2008)

Anyone got any opinions on Ar-Tonelico 2?

I haven't taken a serious listen yet, but I remember liking Disc 2 better than Disc 1, and there's definitely more Asian-styled music in this than the first Ar-Tonelico...a lot more, if I recall, the first Ar-Tonelico didn't have any Asian style at all.

I think Ar-Tonelico was meant to be more Western-styled, what with the theme regarding the Church, and that Ar-Tonelico 2's going to end up being more Eastern-styled, especially given the music and some of the character designs (the dark-haired girl in the red/pink China dress, namely).

I really like Mio/Waterway, the Blue Side of the new Hymnos albums; the music sounds really prophetic (as I believe the corresponding character is supposed to have a really cold personality).

The first set of Hymnos, I thought they were just music inspired by the game, that they were works that sat alone from the game; I couldn't imagine how they'd use that music in-game, but they did, and to much cinematic effect.

These new Hymnos, especially those off of Mio/Waterway, I can definitely imagine these being used in-game, to support actual gameplay scenes. I can point out what would seem like good town/dungeon themes, etc.

Furthermore, the 2 Hymnos albums from the first Ar-Tonelico, I easily bonded into a single playlist; these 2 new Hymnos albums seem like they stand more on their own from each other; they're stylistically different, even if they still employ the same manner of chant/chorus.

In summary, I believe you should notice a world of difference between the first and second Ar-Tonelico soundtracks.

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