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Ultrace-7 Sep 18, 2019

For those wondering (and I know a few people are following from here), I am not done with these auctions. Illness and some personal issues have prevented me from making new listings of late, but I hope to have my next batch of soundtracks up in the next day or two!

Ultrace-7 Sep 24, 2019

LuxKiller65 wrote:

I also want my golden axe with 2 spinecards sad

Now you have a chance! Even if you have one Golden Axe The Music with the normal amount of spinecards right now, you have the option of owning TWO Golden Axes with THREE spinecards. More Golden Axe and spinecard than legally allowed in some jurisdictions!

LuxKiller65 Sep 27, 2019

it's tempting, i have 2 sealed copies, maybe i should actually buy a used one... too bad only the spinecard has been cloned, not the cds big_smile

Zane Nov 12, 2019

Hey Ultrace, I've been trying to reach you via eBay messages but they keep getting bounced back to me or erroring out. Can you shoot me an email through the forums if you have a moment? Thank you!

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