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    Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV Original Soundtrack

    At the very least tangentially related to "game" music but this score is brilliant beyond words and at parts sounds eerily similar to Howard Shore's Lord of the Rings work. Shoutouts to "The General and the King" , "Battle for the Crown City", and "Apocalypsis Noctis", which is itself an FFXV track
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    Final Fantasy XV Original Soundtrack

    ... mostly the Shimomura parts, though. ;)
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    Overwatch Soundtrack

    Never thought I'd see the day where the music used in an FPS game would be this good. Thematic, variable, dynamic, and above all fitting. Blizzard did a spectaular job tying the music to the characters and the maps. Of related interested was the great panel they did this year at BlizzCon on the Sound Design of Overwatch, which covered some of the music, too. Really insightful.
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    I Am Setsuna Original Soundtrack

    Great standalone soundtrack and at least a unique perspective on music-in-games. I didn't play the game but it seems like it might be weird in an actual game, but standalone it's decent. I think some of the songs tend to be a bit on the short side.