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.59 Nov 15, 2007

Price cuts smile
I'll probably add some more stuff soon, when I get a chance to sort it all out.

.59 Nov 29, 2007 (edited Apr 17, 2008)

New stuff added smile

Please see the first post for details. More to come...

Zane Dec 9, 2007

Zane wrote:

Got my stuff in the mail today. Everything is in awesome condition, packaging was very professional, and .59's communication is great. Big positive feedback here!!!! smile

Here I am, one year later, and I have nothing but positive stuff to say about my recent purchase from .59. Great stuff here, man. See ya again next December! wink

.59 Dec 12, 2007 (edited Apr 17, 2008)

Thanks again to all I'm dealing with smile

Albums added.

Details are in the first post. Still got some more stuff to sort out, about 25 albums or so I guess.

the_miker Dec 22, 2007

Got my Kileak CD today.  Perfect condition, nice and speedy delivery!  A+++++++

Thanks again .59!


.59 Dec 22, 2007 (edited Apr 17, 2008)

Thanks for the kind feedback, Mike smile Hope you like the music. I was kind of surprised by it myself (I bought the album on a whim) but it's a cool CD. Makes me wonder what the game is like.

I finally got around to sorting out the rest of my stuff.
As before, details are in my first post.

the_miker Dec 23, 2007

.59 wrote:

Makes me wonder what the game is like.

Trust me on this, you're better off just sticking with the soundtrack. wink


.59 Dec 23, 2007

Thanks for the warning wink I just did a quick Google search and it looks like a (headache inducing) generic FPS title. More or less what I expected from looking at the packaging of the album (though those images actually make it look like a cool game). I love the cover image for this album. Reminds me of the Gun Hazard soundtrack cover. It would be nice if the actual game looked like that.

One-Winged Angel Jan 3, 2008 (edited Jan 3, 2008)

My order arrived today, Thanks alot .59

The items are just like described and I'm also very pleased with .59 communication.

My three thumbs up! smile

PS: New email sent big_smile

One-Winged Angel Jan 17, 2008

My second order just got here!

I can only say good about .59
The CDs are so well protected for shipping, if the plane would happen to crash theres a good chance they'll survive the blast and you'd still get them big_smile

I'm very happy, Thanks again .59

Echo Jan 18, 2008

One-Winged Angel wrote:

The CDs are so well protected for shipping, if the plane would happen to crash theres a good chance they'll survive the blast and you'd still get them big_smile

Hahah, so true. I got my cds too this week, in excellent condition.

.59 Feb 24, 2008 (edited Feb 24, 2008)

Since the dollar continues to suck, you now get a 25% discount if you buy more than one CD/item and the total (shipping excluded) is over € 24.

mer2329 Feb 27, 2008

i would like the following
.Hack//GAME MUSIC Perfect Collection / VICL-61116~7 / 2CDs/ € 8
Final Fantasy IX Original Soundtrack Plus/ € 8
Neon Genesis Evangelion Soundtrack KICA 286 / 7
The End of Evangelion Soundtrack / KICA 370 / 8
please email me the final price at mer2329(a)
just change the (a) to @
oh and i live in the USA

.59 Feb 28, 2008

Yes, all albums come with their obi, unless mentioned otherwise.

FOXHOUND7575 Apr 6, 2008 (edited Apr 6, 2008)

Is the person that requested The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker's OST still planning on buying from you. If not, I may be interested in buying it.

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