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Adam Corn Jan 24, 2018

The fourth season of Square Enix's Bra☆Bra Final Fantasy Brass de Bravo brass/wind orchestra concert tour will be dedicated exclusively to Final Fantasy VII. The tour spans eleven performances in eight cities across Japan from April 14 to July 20.

An accompanying twelve-track album release is set for April 4, with the currently announced tracks including:
- Opening ~ Bombing Mission
- Birth of a God
- Main Theme of FFVII
- Jenova Complete
- Rufus's Welcoming Ceremony
- Tifa's Theme … aff/bbff4/

I'm hoping this next album will be a return to form to the spunky, brass-focused sound of the first two albums over the tamer and more typical wind orchestra-style arrangements of the third one. I'm also hoping to make this my first season to see live - will have a better idea this Saturday at 10 am Japan time when the tickets go on sale.

jb Jan 25, 2018

I'm really conflicted by this... FFVII is top 3 in the series for me but man do I really hate brass instrumentation. Woe is me sad

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