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riley7able Sep 13, 2010

Has anyone else seen this Burton/Elfman Music Box thing... and does anyone have any more information about it... I signed up for the emails, but I was wondering if anyone had any inside details. Thanks. If you have not seen it though check it out. The video looks kind of intriguing.

jb Sep 13, 2010

This looks exciting.  Gamespot says 14cds + DVD + bonus artwork.  I signed up for announcements.

Side note, I saw the Tim Burton exhibit at the MoMA and it was fantastic, as is the 79$ accompanying art book I bought.

jb Sep 30, 2010

Got a notification about this puppy being available for preorder today.  Anyone have an extra 499$ and want to get me a Christmas present?

Boco Sep 30, 2010

Really wish I had some spare $$$ too. This looks like it could be a really, really nice set. Alas, I won't have that kind of cash any time soon. XD

inthisdiary9 Dec 10, 2010

I just read they sold out of the first batch of 1000 and released another batch. Hopefully I can get the money before they sell out again.

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