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Ashley Winchester Mar 8, 2014

This may seem like a rather odd topic but I managed to pick these up recently. My friend had both volumes back when the game came out (2005) but I never got to read them.

I know some will probably be split on their quality but in a certain sense I thought these were worth picking up. One of the major things about Curse of Darkness that always bugged me was the protagonist Hector. I really like Hector but beyond that I could never explain WHY I liked Hector. Even now I can't really explain it but these two volumes (most of which take place three to four years before the game) do clarify some things and add some small touches to the game's bare-bones narrative. I mean considering Hector's personality I always wondered why/how he hooked up with a being like Dracula in the first place and I finally have an answer.

Again, I know it's kind of silly to worry about the plot of a Castlevania game pre-Lords of Shadows - or to even care about Curse of Darkness in general since it's just kind of "there" as far as Castlevania titles go - but I've always been attracted to this damn mediocre game for some reason.

My only real gripe is they couldn't be bothered to change Belmont's name from Ralph to Trevor. Really guys?

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