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The Daver Nov 4, 2020 (edited Nov 4, 2020)

Haven't ordered anything from overseas since the COVID pandemic began.

Does anyone know if any of these online retailers are shipping out to the U.S. now?

Or if I'll even be able to receive my order if I do order something from them?

(I'm located in the U.S., if I'm not making that obvious;
even some U.S. retailers have "temporarily" suspended operations, for crying out loud).

'Cuz I could REALLY stand to order something soon.

Yes, I still occasionally buy soundtrack releases physically, especially when they're not released digitally.

FuryofFrog Nov 4, 2020

I know for a fact Play-Asia and YesAsia are both shipping to the US. YesAsia is based in Honk Kong so that's a factor. Be aware it takes a gargantuan amount of time to reach you though.

jb Nov 4, 2020

For anything ordered from Japan, keep up to date on the current status of Japan Post restrictions and suspensions: … sa_en.html

Currently Japan Post is not shipping packages ("small packet") to the United States via air, only letters. Nothing is being shipped SAL or EMS. Surface mail is an option but surface mail I think means by freighter so it's incredibly slow. CDJapan has Airmail as an option and I'm using it on a future, low priority order that I don't care how long it takes so we'll see how long that works. I don't know how they are allowed to offer an Airmail service if JapanPost is not accepting them but they offer it so :shrug:

CDJapan allows you to ship via FedEx or DHL if you're willing to pay for the extra cost. I have been using DHL for the entirety of the pandemic and DHL shipping has been as fast as it was pre-pandemic (when I used to use it at Amazon Japan).

I can't speak to PlayAsia or YesAsia but they likely have similar options.

Idolores Nov 12, 2020

I've ordered several Gundam toys since this nonsense hit, mostly from Mandarake and HLJ, I know they don't expressly deal in VGM, but still, they seem to be functioning normally.

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