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Ugly Bob Nov 5, 2007

I was able to get a free copy of the Conan CD Sampler by Mike Reagan of God of War fame. Definitely more of the godly goodness with chanting aplenty. I wouldn't have it any other way. I'll post it if anyone is interested.

Arcubalis Nov 6, 2007

The game received horrible reviews, but the music played at the VGL concert in Los Angeles last month was interesting.  It sounded just like God of War, so I've heard some people say they like it and others say it sounds like a cheesy God of War rip-off.

brandonk Nov 6, 2007

The game is a blatant rip off of GOW...however it is a very capable rip off GOW.  I played the demo for PS3 and had a blast.  The soundtrack is good, for what it is...Had GOW not existed it I believe it would have received very high reviews...

It doesn't surprise me THQ is involved....That company has been an unoriginal scab on the video game scene since its inception.  The only claim that company has are some of the successful licenses it's acquired and milked.  (Call them the little brother to EA).  They're ok if you like wrestling games.

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