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About STC

Soundtrack Central was started in 1997, when E.R. and Seinfeld ruled primetime, the "world wide web" was still a buzzword, and English coverage of video game music was limited to the odd side story or $50 import CD in the back pages of EGM and GameFan magazines.

Since that time STC has published hundreds of editorial and user-contributed reviews and hosted thousands of discussions, with the purpose of sharing the best game soundtracks and similar music spanning orchestral, electronic, rock, and virtually every other genre under the sun.

STC was created by and is fully designed, coded, edited and administered by Adam Corn.


For questions and comments regarding Soundtrack Central, as well as requests for coverage of soundtrack releases, events, and other collaboration, contact site editor Adam Corn using the form below. (Advertisers please note that STC currently is not accepting solicitations for advertising.)

For soundtrack-related questions which aren't site-specific, please post to the Soundtrack Central forums, which are checked daily by the editor and many other soundtrack fans who can be of help.

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