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Ramza Feb 4, 2007

Hey y'all,

I was checking my email today and, quite randomly, I got this email:

Dear Patrick,

As the name implies, this is a thank you message from Nauts, one of the Tales Weaver composers of .

However, Nauts's English is not up to par, so I (Taek, from the same office, and the not-so-able writer of the English "Beyond" lyrics ) is writing this letter of appreciation for him.

Myself and Nauts have read your review and would like to thank you very much for your kind words, they are much appreciated.

We would also like to apologize for some (MANY) English grammar mistakes on the album. The composers will not deny that they didn't go through the necessary steps of having it reviewed by a professional, but it was only because they never thought that it would reach the hands of English audiences. They also pledge to make sure that they will take the necessary steps in the future to get that part of their work in order.

Also, we understand that for those in America it might sometimes be difficult to get their hands on Korean games news or materials, and would like to offer our help. So if you need any news or materials from Korea, please do not hesitate to contact us for help.

Taek for Nauts

This is my first "in" with one of many Korean VGM composers. Would anyone like to send along some messages to "Nauts" or anyone else on the TalesWeaver team? Just thought I'd mention it cuz I know some of you really enjoy their work (I know I did).


bishop743 Feb 4, 2007

Being that the original 2-disc print of the TalesWeaver OST was so rare and hard to come by, my eyes nearly popped out of my head when Marvelous Entertainment came out with the re-print AND made it 4 discs! I'm a huge fan of Nauts, ESTi, Nikacha and their entire team. It's really cool that they contacted you like that. It's great to hear that they are aware that there is a growing base of American music listeners enjoying their work and that they are working toward accomodating us.

Thanks a lot for posting this, Ramza.

Carl Feb 4, 2007

Thanks for sharing, it's good to know they are willing to reach out to their extended fanbase

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