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Rrolack Nov 25, 2017

Earlier this year, I won a lot of loose stickers on YJA (lol, I know).  For one of the stickers, I'm not sure which album it goes with.  Could anyone help me out?

The sticker in question is the yellow "TDK" one in the upper left of the pic here:

raynebc Nov 25, 2017

If you can provide a better picture of that sticker, somebody may recognize the characters or be able to read the text.  Part of it looks like it could be the Hudson Soft logo (a bee).

jb Nov 25, 2017

Red katakana is for Koro Koro Komikku (Coro Coro Comics). They are a manga company dating back to the late 70s, notably for Doraemon but a lot of other stuff. The anime character looks like Famicom Rocky. The Hudson Bee wearing a Cowboy hat doesn't immediately make me think of any Hudson Soft games. This might be a generic inclusion inside one of those Hudson Game Music Collection albums from the late 80s, early 90s, possibly to try and promote the collaboration between Hudson Soft and Coro Coro Comics (they had a bunch of game and system tie-ins).

Rrolack Nov 26, 2017

jb, thanks for the helpful info.

If that's an anime character, it seems like perhaps the sticker didn't come with a VGM album at all.  I can't think of any other VGM album where the sticker was there to promote a different product.

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