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Angela Sep 26, 2010

This book seemed to be in production forever, but it looks like Amazon finally has it up for preorder.  AICN's Scorekeeper offered a preview write-up of the book a few weeks ago:

This impressively hefty hardbound edition features 401 pages of expertly composed musical analysis, exquisite artwork, beautiful color photography, hundreds of engraved musical snippets, Shore's pencil sketches, complete vocal texts, and full orchestral manuscripts of select scenes. The proliferation of John Howe and Alan Lee's elegant pre-production artwork adds beautiful layers of sophistication which serves as a visual complement to the aural focus of the book.

And then there's the included rarity CD.  "Adams has included a CD filled with unreleased rarities from Shore's archives. Alternate versions of the "Prologue: One Ring to Rule Them All," "The Argonath," and "The Siege of Gondor," demo mockups of "The Shire," "The Hobbits," "Moria," "The Rohan Fanfare," and "The Ent Theme," and the complete unreleased version of "Arwen's Song" from RETURN OF THE KING are just a few of the highlights featured on this CD."

Sounds like it'll be an excellent accompaniment to The Complete Recordings scores.  Anyone planning on picking it up?

Boco Sep 27, 2010

Definitely! I've been waiting for this ever since the first of the complete recordings was released. Glad that it finally seems to have a release date. I just hope there aren't any last minute delays. @_@

TerraEpon Sep 27, 2010 (edited Sep 27, 2010)

Apparently, the CD has a couple interviews. That's enough to prevent me from even thinking about buying it. But in general, eh, buying a book I'll probably only read once isn't too enticing, but I *would* like to read it, so I'm hoping I can inter-library-loan it some time.

Wanderer Sep 27, 2010

It's a nice book! Amazon sent a bunch of copies out early (and reportedly got smacked around for it) and I've been enjoying mine for the last four days. wink Haven't listened to the CD yet but there's plenty of read.

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