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Schala Jun 28, 2008

I got on to this page:

The top item seems to talk about a Final Fantasy XI-branded MP3 player that you can get by buying FF11 CDs, though I'm not sure about that. Can anyone translate and get details? Are people not in Japan eligible for this offer also? There's apparently a whole "Final Fantasy XI Soundtrack Campaign"...not sure if it IS referring specifically to the MP3 player thing: … _campaign/

Amazingu Jun 29, 2008 (edited Jun 29, 2008)

It says you need to get 2 stickers and stick them on a postcard or a special application form (downloadable in pdf format at the link you provided) and send it to Squenix including your address, name, gender and telephone number.
You can apply as many times as you want, but only 2 stickers per postcard (so you can't use the same postcard for multiple entries).
Even if you apply multiple times, you can only win once.

Stickers can be acquired by buying any of the following items:
Piano Collections FFXI
FFXI [insert expansion title here] OST
THE STAR ONIONS FINAL FANTASY XI Music from the Other Side of Vana'diel

Doesn't say anything about eligibilty for people overseas, but this kind of thing usually stays inside Japan, doesn't it?

Schala Jul 3, 2008

Thanks for the response. And yeah, they're usually limited to Japan, but I figured I'd get info anyway. But good lord, I have no desire to re-buy any of the CDs on that list...

Qui-Gon Joe Jul 3, 2008

And how would you even know if it's a version with the sticker inside?  I guess they could mark them, but I'm not sure they necessarily would.

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