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The Best of Final Fantasy 1994-1999: A Musical Tribute



  1. Opening Theme (FF6)
  2. Tina (FF6)
  3. New Continent (FF6)
  4. Prelude (FF7)
  5. Main Theme (FF7)
  6. Cosmo Canyon (FF7)
  7. Shinra Army Wages A Full-Scale Attack (FF7)
  8. Liberi Fatali (FF8)
  9. My Mind (FF8)
  10. The Spy (FF8)
  11. Mods De Chocobo (FF8)
  • Released Aug 2000 by Big Ear Music (catalog no. EAZ-4032, retail $9.99).
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


Final Fantasy goes Hollywood, in a bad way.

Reader review by Chris Tilton

What is the result of taking a video game soundtrack, using synth that is of lesser quality than its Playstation counterpart, omitting complete notes and lines, and mixing all of these together in the most piss-poor presentation imaginable? You have the newly released Best of Final Fantasy 1994-1999 ~A Musical Tribute~. The CD costs about $10, but believe me, that is entirely too much. It's performed by the Hollywood Symphony Orchestra, but the only thing truthful about this name is the word Hollywood. The guy, yes guy, that comprises this "Orchestra" and produced this musical attrocity, lives in the general vicinity of Hollywood. And it shows. All his album releases have been attempts to cash in on the success of a product created by someone else. A few releases you may know are the lovely synth version of the Episode 1 score, and music "inspired" by the film Armageddon. Each and every track is synth, and it is far worse than the synth used for the Playstation and Super NES versions of the soundtracks. "Liberi Fatali", which was an orchestral piece on the original soundtrack, is also found here as synth - bad synth... very very bad synth. Not only that, but there are wrong notes, omitted notes, wrong transpositions, and wrong rhythms. Even the sampled voice for the chorus is singing the wrong lyrics. If you can name any kind of harm you can do to music, it's on this CD. That would be your hint to NOT buy this album.

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