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Adam Corn Feb 23, 2011

Not that I know of. sad  I did some searching a while back and came up with nothing.

Square Enix are idiots for not allowing it to be made available.

vansciver Feb 23, 2011

Thanks, Adam.  Great review of the concert, by the way!  Very detailed!  I don't know if you've gone back to read it, but I'm sure it would flood you with happy memories. smile

jayavictory Mar 23, 2014

Aww... To see a performance of my favorite of FFVI score, you are envied!

If only we could somehow convince Thomas Böcker to record a full concert dedicated to FFVI. That would be golden!

Adam Corn Mar 29, 2014

Yeah I wish I could go back and re-live that concert.  It makes me sad that the memories are fading.

Square really could just license the arrangements (I'm sure the orchestra would appreciate a donation) and hire a professional orchestra and the show would be a huge success.  They hold multiple concerts for specific Dragon Quest titles every year so I can't imagine a FFVI one wouldn't be successful.

I wouldn't argue against a Böcker-produced FFVI concert either. smile  Take the FFVI arrangements from Symphonic Odysseys and Final Symphony and you have the better part of one already.

Wanderer Mar 29, 2014

Man, I would have given anything to see that concert. I'm listening to the FFVI OST now and if anything, it's only gotten better with age. Not that later soundtracks didn't have highlights but FFVI is virtually filler free, an astonishing achievement for Uematsu.

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