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Zane Sep 29, 2006

Does anyone else think this is a really, really bizzare candidate for a SQEX reprint? I mean, shite... I'm not complaining in the least. I'm pretty fired up about this because I never had a chance to grab a copy in the past, but it's just a funky decision on SE's behalf. Yet, it is a funky decision that I am going to benefit the hell out of.

Harry Sep 29, 2006 (edited Sep 29, 2006)

Believe it or not, it was fan request. Didn't know that Riow Arai was that popular. tongue

Qui-Gon Joe Sep 29, 2006

They've been reprinting a LOT of stuff lately.  Have they done any of the previously NTT releases?  I'd love to see stuff like Mystic Quest and Rudra no Hihou...

Zane Sep 29, 2006

Harry wrote:

Believe it or not, it was fan request.

Let's talk business. I have some fan requests of my own:

- Another Mind
- Baroque
- is: internal section

Those are the three SSCX CDs that are in the ether somewhere that should be SQEX CDs on my shelf and in my iPod instead.

discoalucard Sep 29, 2006

They're doing this massive Front Mission revival by rereleasing all of the old games, so maybe this goes along with it.

Dunno why they're reissuing this, I thought it was really bad. Definitely not my style of music.

Ramza Sep 29, 2006

Color me surprised.

Does this mean they'll reprint the FM2 OST?


Harry Sep 29, 2006

Ramza wrote:

Color me surprised.

Does this mean they'll reprint the FM2 OST?


God, I hope so. I don't see why not.

XLord007 Sep 30, 2006

This is definitely an interesting choice for a reprint, but considering how impossible the original print was to get (I remember having to go through some very weird channels to get it myself), it's about time they made it more accessible.  And maybe this time they could give it some actualy cover art.  That'd be nice.

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