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Adam Corn Feb 26, 2017

I've been working on a feature to allow inline playback of tracks and playlists from YouTube here at STC and was hoping you guys could help me test it out.

I've linked some Distant Worlds albums in the side/bottom Related Albums section of this page. The ones with a little triangle play icon (not a speaker) in the "Listen" link should open up an on-page YouTube player, and I'd like to know if there are any issues with those. If any of you have the time to follow through to the Distant Worlds album pages themselves and try out the audio players there that would be appreciated as well, but it's the preview "Listen" links on this page I'm most concerned about.

If the feature looks to be working out OK I could add it to the YouTube links in forum posts at some point.

Qui-Gon Joe Feb 27, 2017

The first time I clicked on one, a tiny Youtube video appeared in the bottom right side of my screen.  Every other click of "listen" I did (even the original one I tried first) brought me to a grey screen with a progress bar playing the music but no video.

Amazingu Feb 27, 2017

The ones with the speaker icon take me to the progress bar screen Qui-Gon mentioned.
The ones with the triangle icon take me to YouTube. In one case it took me directly to a YouTube video, in the other it took me to a playlist.

Is that what you were going for?

Adam Corn Feb 27, 2017

The speaker icons are the old MP3 links. (Those are supposed to play inline as well but I'll deal with those later.)
The triangle icons are the YouTube links, which I'm hoping to transition to using.

Joe, if you click one of the triangle "listen" links to pull up the mini player, and then you click the same one or a different triangle one again, it doesn't pause/switch tracks?

Also if you guys could mention which browser & OS/device you're using that would be especially helpful. Thanks!!

jb Feb 27, 2017

Everything seems to be working properly here, Chrome 56.0.2924.87 (64-bit)

Adam Corn Mar 3, 2017

Thanks for the feedback on this. The MP3 links (the ones with the speaker) should be playing inline without jumping to a separate page now. If that isn't the case please let me know.

If the YouTube player is working fine I plan to stick with YouTube for audio from here on out.

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