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SquareTex May 30, 2008

This is a project that Fungo had been sitting on for quite a while, but the bug finally bit him, and he's heading for the finish line!

Right now, the music is in the forums only, but I expect it'll also be available from the main page once the second disc is finished.

For those of y'all who enjoy this macabre genre, enjoy! big_smile

*watches Daniel K make a beeline...* wink

Zane May 30, 2008

Zorbfish wrote:

The OST was not complete (never got it)?

A lot of ambient and creepy action tracks were left off the official OST, presumably to give the disc more coherence and a more standalone listenable quality. Of course, that all depends on who you ask. wink I love the creepy ambient stuff and wish that Konami released the ambient stuff from SH2 and 3 in a similar fashion to the first SH OST - tons of tracks all melted together as one scary, intense listening experience.

Daniel K May 30, 2008

SquareTex wrote:

*watches Daniel K make a beeline...* wink

smile Thanks for the link! I already have a one-disc rip by SenorKeffee, but I guess this one will be complete, with Fungo's usual attention to detail in the mixing.

Zorbfish: what Zane said. All of the SH OSTs are woefully incomplete. One of the notable omissions on the SH3 OST was the result screen music, one of the best pieces in the game.

SquareTex May 30, 2008

Here's an update...

"Unsettled Business" received a tweaking, and then he added a few more items to Disc 1.

And now he;s finished Disc 2, and it should be uploaded before too long! big_smile

Listening to the first disc, I realized that I had FORGOTTEN a lot of the ambience in this game. Glad to be getting those chills back. smile

Zorbfish May 31, 2008

I'm happy that he didn't just rar the entire thing up and only put that online; makes it easier for me to download when I have the time. Thanks for the heads up, I'll definitely be getting this.

Kim K May 31, 2008

Maybe someone who has downloaded and tagged all the tracks wants to zip and upload them to Megaupload or wherever...? wink

Daniel K May 31, 2008

Kim K wrote:

Maybe someone who has downloaded and tagged all the tracks wants to zip and upload them to Megaupload or wherever...? wink

I've never used an upload service before, but I tried throwing it up in a .RAR at SendSpace, I hope it works. To get it, click this link. It's a rar-file of all the files tagged, about 196 MB large.

Have listened through the rip once now, and it's really great stuff. Tracks like "As The Sun Drowns" and "It May Already Be Too Late" remind me once again of what an aural wizard Yamaoka is. I got the chills especially from "Absorbed By Red" - brings back many painful memories from trying to escape that red light on the higher difficulty levels. Great mixing by DustFungus as well.


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