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Jodo Kast Apr 23, 2016

I'm reducing my game system collection to just the NES, SNES and Genesis. Everything else is for sale and I'm offering it here before ebay.

GBA Games (All with box and manual)

Circle of the Moon - $30
Harmony of Dissonance - $50
Aria of Sorrow - $50
Gradius Galaxies - $20
Metroid Fusion - $40
Metroid Zero Mission - $40
Astro Boy Omega Factor - $40

DS Games (All Sealed)

Dawn of Sorrow - $25
Portrait of Ruin - $25
Order of Ecclesia - $25

Super Game Boy with box and manual - $25

Gamecube system with GBA player (and disc). Includes one controller and AC adapter. Platinum color and compatible with component cable (not included) - $115

Turbo Duo system. Includes one controller, AC adapter and AV cables. Capacitors have been replaced, new laser, S-video output upgrade, system 3.0 card. Will play any HuCard or CD game, as well as functionality with Everdrive - $350

Turbo Everdrive - $75

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