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GoldfishX Feb 4, 2006

It has the potential to become the #1 LoH soundtrack, given the quality of the samples. I was surprised to hear 2 of the 7 were classic Falcom rock, which really wasn't used at all in LoH VI's OST. Be interesting to see how the final product turns out.

Bold prediction: Soundtrack of the year and it'll end up surpassing LoH IV as my favorite soundtrack in the series. Falcom's sound team is fresh off of Felghana and they've had loads of time to make this one good (the game's been upcoming for well over half a year now...probably longer).

And then there's the little matter of a widespread Gurumin release...

*checks watch

Anyday now...

GoldfishX Feb 4, 2006

Yeah, there was a poll awhile back and most everyone (me included) pegged LoH IV as their favorite.

LoH VI was a grower to me, since I usually don't get much out of the orchestral/mock-orchestral style it used for a good portion. Then tracks like "Trail of the Sky", "Hallow and Radiant Fief" and "Silver Will" became regular listens and the rest kind of came with them. I'll be happy with something of similar quality with the addition of the Falcom rock tracks.

Sample 7 was good, but I'm absolutely digging the "Fate of the Fairies" sample right now. That sounds like an old Falcom tune I'd expect to see arranged a couple million times. Can't wait for the full version.

The vocal sounds kind of Japanese-Disney-ish and, frankly, pretty cheesy, on second listen. The LOH VI one was far better, I thought, with the strong folk feeling in it...For a main theme, it had the adventurous LOH feel down pat and as a closer, it had a great sense of closure to it. I think I might need to hear the whole thing before passing judgement.

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