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Carl Aug 21, 2008 (edited Aug 21, 2008)

The parts from 2:08 onward achieves the sixties-style vibe you're aiming for, but the build-up could use a bit more flash... Try throwing in a "4 cowbell hit" combo once in a while.   Maybe a little more funk somehow too.

Dais Sep 2, 2008

oh man I totally forgot to reply to this thread even though I totally love the Hector '87 music

Anyways, this is...interesting! I mean, I can't say it's my ideal Hector arrangement, but I have no idea what would that actually be.

Maybe it's just a problem with my volume balance, but I don't think the original theme stands out strongly enough. Wait, no, distinctly enough. It's hard for me to describe, since I never developed the right vocabulary, but it's too....I don't know. Maybe I expected the percussion and such to change more when the original theme comes in. The...tambourine, I think? That seems like it should change a bit more during the song.

(I really have no idea what I'm talking about)

For a perspective of what I like to hear from arranged music, this is good, but I also like to hear songs go somewhere outside the comfort zone of the original theme. Instead of the fairly straight reprise of the original theme that starts at about 1:56, I would strive to do something unrealistic like mix in a few seconds from History 2/4/6 and History 3/5 (aka the other level themes) before the eight-bit rendition of History 1.

The part of 2/4/6 from '13 to '24 or '25 to '35....History 3/5 would probably be a bit harder to work in..

Yeah, uh..great work! You should probably ignore everything else.

Idolores Sep 3, 2008

Dammit, McCall, I missed this thread.

Downloading now. Will listen when I get home and don't have to put up with the bullshit radio in the background.

Idolores Sep 3, 2008

Yo, Conn, haven't seen you online in forever. What did you think of 0080?

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