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kosmos Apr 22, 2008 (edited Apr 22, 2008)

I don´t care about the price and I have a friend living in Japan (in case someone knows a Japanese retailer that sells it).

thanks in advance.

Zane Apr 22, 2008

You can try Yahoo JP auctions, and search for シェンムー. Here are the current listings in VGM CDs. I'm not sure if you have used YJ before, but if you bid you'll need someone in Japan or a middleman to grab the album for you. Good luck!

Zane Apr 22, 2008

Oh, I thought that was the OST - looks like the CDs up now are mostly Orchestra Version albums. Keep looking, though... you never know what and when people will list on YJ.

Lucy Apr 22, 2008 is selling a 1st Print one with a negative film for 70 Euros and more. I saw it for a while on eBay Germany/Austria. Ask them if they still have it.

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