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American Nightmare Mar 12, 2007 (edited Mar 12, 2007)

This time Varese Sarabande have REALLY outdone themselves by releasing as part of their next batch of CD Club releases a 4-CD (!) box set containing Bill Conti's complete scores from ALL FOUR Karate Kid films, none of which have previously seen an official CD release.  This is by FAR the best film score related news I've heard in a LONG time.  Hooray for the 80's!  The release is limited to 2500 copies so don't wait too long because it WILL sell out soon.  You can preorder now at Varese Sarabande (shipping March 26): … 220&size=7

TerraEpon Mar 12, 2007

Would have prefered The Right Stuff myuself...

...but the samples are good enough, and I've been liking a lot of other recent Conti released so I had to buy it anyway. <.<


avatar! Mar 12, 2007 (edited Mar 12, 2007)

$45... woah! That's a bit pricey...



edit: Well, I guess it is a 4 CD set and a limited edition. Personally, I would just like the soundtrack to the original movie.

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