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avatar! Dec 14, 2015

Independent analysis done by the University of Pennsylvania.

"Project backers should expect a failure rate of around 1-in-10 projects, and to receive a refund 13% of the time. Since failure can happen to anyone, creators need to consider, and plan for, the ways in which they will work with backers in the event a project fails, keeping lines of communication open and explaining how the money was spent. Ultimately, there does not seem to be a systematic problem associated with failure (or fraud) on Kickstarter, and the vast majority of projects do seem to deliver."

Pellasos Dec 15, 2015

i backed the notcastlevania game and shenmue III. the latter was pretty expensive. no regrets though, i needed that physical soundtrack.

avatar! Dec 15, 2015

Just got my physical copy of Antharion!

This is the second kickstarter I backed (after Pier Solar HD). So I have now received my first two backer rewards, as well as rewards from other projects I have backed since smile Hey! It's OK if it takes time. I care about quality over speed. So I have yet to play Antharion, but I'm excited. Looks like old school goodness. Apparently it received some negative reviews on Steam. One reviewer noted that most of the negative reviews were from people who did not understand the game or have no patience it sounds like. The reviewer concluded:

"I have loved playing this game. It is my kind of rpg full of exploration and i can heartily say to anyone that enjoys classic turn based RPGs, give it a shot, you will most likely love it."

avatar! Dec 18, 2015

Keiji Inafune on Kojima, Nintendo, and fans' misconceptions … nceptions/

"It's [kickstarter] definitely a good thing for creators, and hopefully more people can become IP holders through crowdfunding."

"In America, if you ask any gamer if they know Shigeru Miyamoto, 90 percent of them would say "hell yes!" But if you ask in Japan, less than half, maybe, say "yes."

"It doesn't matter how big you are; if you are a game creator or producer in a company, you're just making an average salary. So, it doesn't matter how famous you are, your pay will change only little by little every year, and there's no huge bonus that comes in your pocket."

Ashley Winchester Dec 18, 2015 (edited Dec 18, 2015)

avatar! wrote:

Keiji Inafune

Like I'd listen to anything this idiot has to say.

I'm so sick of Inafune giving his two cents on certain things.

How about he shuts up the **** up until he finally delivers Mighty No .9?


Sorry for being so blunt, but I mean the above with every fiber of my being.

I lost all respect for Inafune when the "demo" for Red Ash was the kick the can game from Mega Man Legends.

Man is nothing short of a nostalgia parasite,

Ashley Winchester Jan 26, 2016

Hey, anyone else hear that Mighty No.9 relayed again?

Hahaha... I'm lovin' this. People were right not to back Red Ash.

avatar! Jan 26, 2016

Ashley Winchester wrote:

Hey, anyone else hear that Mighty No.9 relayed again?

Hahaha... I'm lovin' this. People were right not to back Red Ash.

I know you have this thing against Inafune, but I really do hope M9 is good. I have to say, it looks promising, and frankly it's not like Capcom has done much of anything the past few years sadly (well, apart from Dragon's Dogma, but that was in 2012 hmm

avatar! Jan 26, 2016

Ashley Winchester wrote:
avatar! wrote:

I know you have this thing against Inafune...

My hatred keeps me warm.

Well, it is winter after all tongue

avatar! Apr 15, 2016 (edited Apr 15, 2016)

"The second-biggest Kickstarter project ever is also a spectacular fail" … 07489.html

"Apparently Coolest doesn’t have money to produce the remaining coolers, and it’s selling existing stock on Amazon. But it’s not shipping the available units to backers – so far, some 20,000 people received their Coolest, with more than 36,000 waiting for theirs...Coolest needs some $15 million to deliver the remainder of Kickstarter orders"

Dang yikes

jb May 11, 2016

Relevant: Paypal is updating their ToS and crowdfunding platforms will no longer be eligible for purchase protection. Guess far too many people have backed/funded something and not gotten what was promised neutral

SECTION 13.3 Ineligible Items

We’re updating the list of items that are not eligible for Purchase Protection.  The new items that will not be eligible are:

Payments on crowdfunding platforms

Jay May 11, 2016

Given the risk nature of most crowdfunding platforms, I'm surprised it was ever eligible at all.

raynebc May 12, 2016

The solution is simple:  Sell the embezzler's house/property to recover the stolen money.

avatar! May 12, 2016 (edited May 12, 2016)

Jay wrote:

Speaking of kickstarter risk, get a load of this one: … ts/1572573

4,420 backers pledged $651,091 CAD

Crowdfunding website Kickstarter is investigating claims that money given to a tech project was instead used to build a home.

One co-founder of the Peachy Printer scheme accused the other of stealing more than 324,000 Canadian dollars ($353,000; £174,000) and spending it.

Efforts to make the device have been halted. A confession video has been posted to the site as proof.


raynebc May 12, 2016

And the scumbag embezzler has lawyered up and now is being selective with the truth.  A**hole probably now realizes he could do hard time for this.

Jay May 14, 2016

I might be overly cynical but even the videos from the CEO guy seem very suspect. The ominous music and fancy graphics don't quite seem to fit with a guy who has been completely ripped off and is finally opening up to the truth. And the actual thief doing an interview? I don't know. It all just feels weird. But then maybe those are the actions of people who have been caught in that situation and it is all exactly as described, who knows.

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