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Vaeran Aug 10, 2007

I finally got around to buying the Koudelka OST (delicious!), and noticed a couple of things in the liner notes. First, that there's one track on here not by Hiroki Kikuta - "Ubi Caritas et amor" is credited to Maurice Duruflé as composer, and glancing at the man's Wikipedia entry it looks like the piece was actually composed back in 1960. Never knew that... I've updated GMR to reflect this.

Secondly, the three live tracks at the end of the CD were apparently performed at some SNK/Sacnoth event... August 27, 1999 at Zepp Tokyo, it says, and there are a few photos of the performers on stage.  Does anyone know anything more about this event? Was this open to the public? What other pieces were performed? Did anything else get recorded? All I can get out of Google was that they apparently also did something from SNK vs. Capcom.

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